• RealtyTrac Report: "Zombie" Foreclosures

    Posted in Market Reports, Team Gale on Feb 09, 2015

    RealtyTrac is the nation's leading resource for real estate data. RealtyTrac compiles, synthesizes, and explains a myriad of figures and trends related to property ownership, tax and deed records, and statistics on bank-owned parcels. The first 2015 quarterly report, regarding so-called "Zombie Foreclosures," reveals that 25% of homes in active foreclosure have been vacated by the owner. The figure is determined by comparing a master list of active foreclosures against addresses deemed vacant and applications for change of address logged with the US Postal Service. This phenomena of abandonmen...

  • Zillow Chief Hosts HUD Secretary following SOTU

    Posted in Market Reports, Team Gale, Wilmington NC Real Estate on Jan 27, 2015

    In the first of several planned 'fireside chats' Zillow will host this year, Chief Economist Stan Humphries sat down with HUD Secretary Julian Castro last Wednesday morning. The pair discussed points from the State of the Union address that pertain to home ownership and the ongoing efforts to curtail the stress of buying/owning that reached epic proportions not ten years ago.

    During the annual speech, POTUS Barack Obama noted that looking ahead the federal government intends to level the playing field, making the 'American Dream' attainable to folks across the social spectrum. "Things like chi...

  • Where is the Market Headed in 2014?

    Posted in Buyer Tips, Market Reports, Seller Tips on Feb 18, 2014

    Where is the Market Headed in 2014?

    Written by Mary Beth Tice

    Graph with Penny

    At the start of anything, whether it’s the New Year, basketball season, or a new relationship, everyone wants to know “Where is this thing going?” It’s no surprise that the real estate market faces the same question a thousand times throughout each year. But much like knowing who is going to the playoffs prior to the end of the season, knowing exactly where the market is headed will vary based on who you ask.

    To Know Where We are Headed, First We Need to Know Where We Have Been

    Because real estate can vary greatly from place to pla...

  • You're Home with Team Gale: Interest Rates & Market Status Update

    Posted in Buyer Tips, Market Reports, Seller Tips, Team Gale, You're Home with Team Gale Radio on Jul 15, 2013

    You're Home with Team Gale: Interest Rates & Market Status Update

    If you missed the live show on Saturday the 13th, Jack and Tom discussed rising yet still low interest rates and the current market status with guest Cameron Pearson from Alpha Mortgage. Listen to it here now but be sure to tune in live to Port City Radio (93.7 and 106.3) Saturdays at 9:00 am. 

  • Property Values in Brunswick County: What's Going On?

    Posted in Market Reports on Feb 15, 2011

    Property Values in Brunswick County: What's Going On? On November 15, 2010 the Star News reported that Brunswick County has seen a drop in property values of 20% in the last four years and updated their report on February 13, 2011 stating an overall tax base decrease of 25%. But what are the numbers really saying to potential buyers and sellers of Brunswick County?

  • Economic Outlook Concerns

    Posted in Market Reports on Jan 12, 2011

    REALTOR® Tom Gale’s response to a local news article regarding Wilmington's economic outlook.

  • The Healthiest Housing Markets for 2009

    Posted in Market Reports on Jul 27, 2009

    Builder, in conjunction with Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, debuts its metric for determining markets with the best and least potential.

  • Rise in sales points to U.S. housing bottom

    Posted in Market Reports, News You Can Use on Apr 15, 2009

    The national housing market continues to rebound. Wilmington, NC continues to mirror these trends, but has the additional benefit of being a place where so many people want to relocate.