If you have considered relocating to the southeastern coast of North Carolina, let us enhance the picture and give you some additional information.

A primary interest for someone moving to Wilmington, is which neighborhoods include what kind of amenities, as well as their location and convenience to schools and recreation, shopping, dining, and entertainment. We have tried to include as many area resources as possible to make your transition a smooth one. You can find a description of dozens of communities and subdivisions across southeastern North Carolina under our "Communities" menu on the homepage.

Please click on the links below to discover what each county in the greater Cape Fear region has to offer, and what a great life you could build on the coast.

New Hanover County
Brunswick County
Pender County
Onslow County

For more information about regional cultural events and annual activities, Team Gale has assembled details and links for local festivals, cultural centers, and attractions under "Area Information." We are available to answer any questions you may have, if you cannot find it on our website. We have agents standing by daily at 910-541-1212.