• Buying Your Next Home

    Posted in Buyer Tips on Feb 23, 2011

    5 steps to buying your next home. Perfect tips for first-time home buyers and a great refresher for anyone looking to buy a new home.

  • Buying Foreclosed Homes Tips & Myths

    Posted in Buyer Tips on Jan 20, 2011

    Buying Foreclosed Homes Tips & Myths

    Buying Foreclosed Homes Tips

    *Budget for the unseen.

    -Repairs, new appliances, inspections, etc. all cost money. Be prepared to pay for them out of pocket.

    *Never buy sight unseen.

    -Even if you don’t live in the same state, hire someone you can trust to look at the property and pass information on to you.

    *Check out the neighborhood.

    -Is it where you want to live?

    -Are there a lot of other foreclosures or is there high crime?

    *How long has it been vacant?

    -Is anyone keeping up the foreclosure? Even homes in the best condition will deteriorate when left vaca...

  • Going Green Without Turning Green

    Posted in Buyer Tips, News You Can Use, Seller Tips on Dec 21, 2010

    Ever feel like you are overwhelmed by all the “green” products being shoved in your face? Or worse, feel a case of “green fatigue” coming on, forcing you to tune out all the information? I rarely pay attention anymore to “green” hype, suffering from my own self-induced permanent case of “green fatigue.” However, I recently came across a website that let me calculate my carbon footprint. Since I don’t pay the bills in my house and don’t know how many miles each car gets to the gallon or is driven per year, it was mostly guesstimation on my part but I am right there around the national average. OK, a little above it really, but can I help the fact I work a good 20 minutes from home or that a summer with 100% humidity and 90 degree days equals a constant need for AC?