Kat Varano has 25 years of experience in real estate and lending. Varano holds Bachelor of Counseling and Master of Education degrees, graduating cum laude in both programs. After spending a little time in counseling and then education, she found herself much better designed for business!

What Kat loves about real estate is the people she meets. “It's so energizing when people are moving on to their next venture… or adventure. It's an honor to be part of someone's journey in such a positive way,” she says.

Originally from rural Iowa, Kat Varano has relocated to six states, even publishing a book about relocation, "The Real Hawaii Life." The Varanos— including Kat’s husband, Nathan, and son, Dustin— enjoy anything that has to do with water, so Wilmington is a great place to be. They also volunteer frequently, with focus on children and educational organizations. Kat has four children in all, and one grandson, scattered around the U.S.


  • SLS (Strategic Listing Specialist)

Specializes In:

  • Buyers
  • Relocation
  • Historic Homes