Top Cities for Retirement

Wilmington has been named among the top 50 cities in the US for retirement, by Bankrate.

The financial publishing company compared cost of living, crime stats, state & local tax rates, quality of healthcare, culture and "walkability" among approximately 200 US cities.

Premiere honors went to Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, respectively; with three cities in Tennessee, two in Maryland and Iowa, and Sarasota, FL rounding out the top ten.

The coastal haven of Wilmington was deemed to have a low cost of living, average taxes, good weather and overall well-being despite a below average "walkability" and high crime rate.

The port city has so much to discover and enjoy. Wilmington is close to several area beaches, has dozens of museums and cultural facilities, tourist destinations like the USS NC Battleship and Fort Fisher Aquarium, as well as a dense and diverse offering of shopping and dining establishments.


Posted in News You Can Use, Team Gale on Jun 30, 2016