Team Gale’s New Toll Free Number!

Team Gale has been adding multiple new marketing strategies, one of the most exciting being our toll free number. This unique service makes our sellers listings more accessible, by providing 24/7 information on their property. When you call our number, 1-888-350-GALE, you hear a brief opening and can then enter a property extension number. We have assigned each property to its own unique four digit extension, which is advertised in multiple venues such as craigslist, and the rider on the property sign. From this, you can listen to a brief, yet concise, description of the property, including everything from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the exclusive features. Afterward, you are able to immediately connect with an agent if you need more information or have any questions. This number provides a unique feature that makes our sellers properties stand out from the rest, while allowing buyers to receive free detailed information at their convenience. So if there is a Team Gale property you have been eyeing, call 1-888-350-GALE (4253) and enter its extension today!

Posted in Team Gale on Jun 18, 2010