Team Gale Update

It’s Thursday afternoon and I sit here in from of my computer thinking of everything Team Gale has in the works and to tell you the truth, it warms my marketing heart and reminds me of days past when there didn’t seem to be enough time to get the latest & greatest ad run before the next big thing was out. TG has a digital billboard ad in rotation with other Coldwell Banker agents. Tom and I are working on updating our website. The TG YouTube channel has the new video up for our listing at 908 Pilots Ridge. I am a postcard writing madwoman with multiple mailings about to drop (email me at if you want inclusion in our monthly mailings). We are considering expanding our advertising range to Long Island and the UK. And if TG gets any more team members this month, I may end up sharing Jack’s desk just so our agents have their own space. I will be honest. This isn’t the most informative blog one can post, but at the same time, you are reading it and for Team Gale, it’s news. Sure, my next goal for the day is to work on a scroll image for the new billboard ad and writing was not on my To Do List this morning but the overwhelming joy I feel for hitting the ground running in 2011 was enough to make me turn away from my chicken scratch list and write to you. Happy Thursday and may your weekend start at 5 PM today!

Written by Mary Beth Tice, Marketing Assistant for Team Gale

Posted in Team Gale on Jan 06, 2011