Things to Consider During "Selling Season"

Spring is the busiest time for home sales, and an unbalanced market gives sellers a real advantage. Sales are occurring at a faster rate than new listings, so buyer's with newly approved, low interest loans are scooping up the attractive area properties.

Have you been on the fence for a while now about selling your home?

Last month, RIS Media's House Call column pointed out five key items to consider in making the decision to move. 

First, are you frustrated by lack of space, constantly rearranging closets and hesitant about hosting overnight guests? Have your kids' outgrown their shared bedrooms, do you now require a home office, are you going to have an in-law move in? If you have quite literally run out of space, it is time to seek out a bigger home.

If your lifestyle has changed, your home should suit it. If children have left the nest; you've changed jobs and have a long commute; you've retired, divorced, or soured on your town... it's time to sell.

We are steadily recovering from the housing crash, as studies show that 94% of homes priced at $200K and above have positive equity. Consider having your home reappraised.

Keep an eye on your mail. If you're getting a series of "Recently Sold" postcards from local reators, you'll know that your neighborhood is a hot locale right now. Call an agent for a professional opinion and comparable sales in the community. A realtor can access market statistics that will give you a better idea about your home's value and project a timetable for the sale.

If you've begun to put off home improvement projects, from painting to landscaping, it may be a sign that you're ready to move on. A simpler property may be just what you need. But keep in mind that if your grass is knee high and your porch rails have rotted, you will either have to bite the bullet and fix 'em up... or drop the price of your listing to get it sold.


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