Relocating to the Greater Wilmington Area

Relocating to the Greater Wilmington Area

Whether relocating for your job or your love the mild climate and warm beaches the Greater Wilmington area has to offer, Wilmington, NC is a beautiful place to live. Surrounded by several beaches, small towns and the end point for I-40, Wilmington is used to having its fair share of visitors and newcomers each year.

The Area

The Greater Wilmington area is divided up into several sections: Leland, Downtown, Ogden, Mayfaire/Landfall, Wrightsville Beach, Monkey Junction, Carolina/Kure Beaches, Porters Neck and Midtown. Within these areas, there are further distinct sections, but for the purpose of this blog, I will focus on the main areas.

Leland is actually a small town in Brunswick County just across the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Considered a suburb of Wilmington, most Leland residents work in Wilmington but shop, eat, play and live in Leland. The Leland area is often considered to be Leland, Belville, Olde Town (now incorporated into Belville), Navassa and Northwest. Many new chain stores are popping up in the Leland area thanks to the addition of Wal-Mart & Harris Teeter and fast growing communities such as Magnolia Greens, Waterford of the Carolinas and Brunswick Forest.

Downtown Wilmington has been the heart of Wilmington since the town first began. Most people have seen scenes from our beloved heart in shows such as Matlock, Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill but without walking down cobblestone roads, the experience is not the same. Home to PPD, New Hanover County’s Courthouse, USS North Carolina Battleship and over 100 restaurants & entertainment venues, Downtown Wilmington is our hub for the hustle and bustle of both work and play.

Ogden is on the northern outskirts of Wilmington and is more family centric with Ogden Park, multiple schools and most average homes having 3-4 bedrooms. Close to Mayfaire, Wrightsville Beach, Porters Neck and Downtown, you are never out of reach of shopping, restaurants, or things to do.

Mayfaire is located just minutes away from Wrightsville Beach and has become a prime location for shopping, eating and entertainment. Upscale apartments, condos and homes are available for those looking to live where they play. If you prefer more privacy but love the location, Landfall, Wilmington’s private coastal community, might be for you.

Wrightsville Beach used to be home to Lumina Station but now is home to visitors and locals alike. Beautiful resort communities, local restaurants and gorgeous homes now fill in as the backdrop to warm sandy beaches. You can get your fill of exercise on The Loop, the commonly referred to sidewalk that wraps around Wrightsville Beach’s midsection, before stopping by Robert’s Market for some of their famous chicken salad.

Named for a popular tourist attraction from the 1950’s, Monkey Junction is now home to shops, communities, schools and even a zoo. What was once merely a stopping point on the way to Carolina Beach has now become home to many area residents thanks to its prime location and ample amenities.

Part of Pleasure Island and home to Fort Fisher, Carolina and Kure Beaches are perfect for family vacations and serve as a relaxing retreat for someone wanting a taste of the island life. Both visitors and residents alike enjoy the warm beaches, local shops, quirky people and year-round festivals. In the summer, Carolina Beach features almost night events for people of all ages.

Porters Neck is located just beyond Ogden and until recently served as little more than a stopping point between Hampstead and Wilmington. Now with population growth and more shops, grocery stores and restaurants, Porkers Neck is a perfect blend of quaint country life and suburbia.

Midtown Wilmington is home to UNCW and most of its student population. Apartments, older communities and ample shopping make this area wonderful place to invest in real estate or settle into your new home.

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Written by Mary Beth Tice, Team Gale Marketing Assistant

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