Life on the Cape Fear Coast

Many people look surprised when they ask me where I am from and I respond that I am a true local of Wilmington. I was born in New Hanover Hospital and never left Wilmington until 2008 when I moved briefly to Leland only to return in 2009. My mother’s family has been here for generations and as far as I can tell, will stay for many more. What is it that keeps us here?

For me, it’s the beautiful beaches and many parks. I love being outside. Wilmington is making strides in outdoor living with bike paths spanning the city and most restaurants having outdoor seating. The summer not only brings hot weather and a variety of tourists but free concerts downtown and at Mayfaire. Dog parks allow me to take my dogs to a safe place for them to run, play and be dogs without fear of them running into the road. Local produce stands and farmers’ markets provide me with fresh fruits and vegetables every week from March to October. The long growing season allows me to grow herbs and tomatoes outside far longer than my relatives further north. Festivals celebrating everything from heritage to artists to food mean Saturdays are rarely dull during our warm months. Summer never really dies here. New Year’s Day I was in a tank top and flip flops because it was in the low 70’s and sunny. We may have had a bit of snow last week, but it has all melted and today, the high is in the upper 50’s. Our town’s proximity to rural areas also means that you can have a taste of the country without giving up the city. I grew up spending summer days on my grandparents’ farm in Burgaw. And now spend days in Hampstead with horses at a local stable. Being able to enjoy live outside of the 4 walls of my house makes Wilmington my home. Wilmington has its own lifestyle. It is lifestyle that keeps locals here and brings new arrivals every day.

Written by Mary Beth Tice, Marketing Assistant for Team Gale

Posted in News You Can Use on Jan 18, 2011