Introductions Please!

Introductions Please!

It occurred to me this afternoon that while I am developing a small yet growing group of readers, I have never properly introduced myself to the world of Team Gale. I won’t bore you with all the details of how I came to be the writer that types before you because they are, well, boring. Instead I will give you just few tasty tidbits that hopefully entice you enough to follow me outside of Team Gale (or at least follow TG on the various sites I maintain).

First and for most I am obviously Mary Beth Tice, blogger, marketer, social media butterfly and a true blue local. That’s right, I was born and raised in the delightful town of Wilmington. This means I know the quickest way to get from my post at TG headquarters to my other post at the YWCA pool (come see me on Fridays, I love company!). I also know where to get the best local seafood for dinner and chances are you will find me sitting at the bar of Hieronymus eating, drinking and either chatting with the staff or reading on my phone.

Speaking of reading, I am a booknerd. Not just a worm, but a nerd. I recently got a Droid and downloaded the Kindle app. Since then, I can’t tell you how many times I have killed my battery reading (or playing Angry Birds, but who doesn’t love that game and its addictive fun?).

I recently became addicted to sugar free Red Bull. I blame teammate Ryanna. It has to be a TG thing. I’m also addicted to coffee and green tea. Perhaps it’s just a caffeine thing…

I blog in the outside world too. In fact I used my recent bout of the crud to write about one of my favorite topics: homeopathic remedies. I’m all for modern technology but when it comes to putting things in my body, I like the natural route save my Red Bull. Anyways, about my blog. It’s 100% unfiltered Mary. This is a warning as much as it is an invitation to read it. I don’t keep it up as much as the TG blog, but when I do write it’s because I need to get something off my chest. Find it at

I am a full believer in networking. I network online via FaceBook and Twitter (@ticephotos). I have a LinkedIn account but I update that as much as I change my contacts (in other words, monthly, if I remember). I network in the real world with the aid of and am part of several groups on there and hope to add more. I am never without a business card of some sort because you never know who you might meet. And for those who doubt the benefits of internet social media, well I would have never known reporters are funny had it not been for me following Andrew Dunn, Brunswick County Reporter for the Star News, on Twitter (@andrew_dunn). He not only keeps me up to date on the news but will sometimes post a comment that leaves me giggling all afternoon. Completely worth the two seconds to hit follow.

I have my real estate license. Scary but true. I not only write about real estate but know what I am talking about! Gasp! I don’t practice real estate due to lack of time and quite frankly I have a shopping habit and two dogs that require a steady paycheck in order to buy shoes and bones. But what I am trying to say is that in addition to my many years in the real estate field (8 and counting, but I started at 18, I’m not old), having my license means I won’t write dribble that will mislead you. Not only is it poor business practice but I could lose that license I studied hard for and lived off Chinese take-out and mini tacos for two weeks in order to not leave home and risk forgetting all my hard-crammed knowledge, but I digress. Fact is, I can not only read a contract, I actually understand it. My market reports aren’t pulled from some prefilled form, I write them. If I come across something that looks off, I investigate it until I figure out the truth. (Josh Gates should so hire me.)

I am rambling now. So I will finish up this introduction with a simple “Pleased to meet you.” You are more than welcome to follow or friend me outside of TG if you are so inclined but fair warning, my ramblings have no limit in my personal internet world…

Written by Mary Beth Tice, Team Gale Marketing Assistant

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Posted in Team Gale on May 05, 2011