Going Digital At Home

Going Digital At Home

Technology is the wave of the future. Going green is the wave of the future. How do you combine these two concepts into one and supercharge your home in the process? Thanks to modern marvels, it’s now easier than ever to use technology to help save the planet.

Books are a reader’s best friend, I should know as I own a great many books myself. Today’s technology allows us to now view our favorite books without using trees to create them. The Nook & Kindle are the most popular e-readers and each has apps that allow you to read your favorite book on your phone, computer or tablet. While I am not sure about the Nook apps, I do know that Kindle allows you to sync each device so you can start a book on your phone, switch to your computer and finish it on your e-reader, all without losing your place. And since Amazon stores your purchases online, anytime you add a device, getting your current read is as simple as syncing.

CD’s are a hassle. Sure they are pretty and the sound quality is great until you drop them on the driveway resulting in a broken case and scratched disc. But with all the mp3 and mp4 players out there, why waste your money on a fragile disc when you can buy the whole album typically for less money? Simply download your music to your computer and then you can upload it to as many portable devices as you wish, including most new phones.

Speaking of phones, can yours take photos of 5 megapixels or higher? Does it double as an mp3 player, TV, remote control or GPS navigator? If not, you might consider an upgrade. The ability to simply take a photograph wherever without lugging a camera around is well worth it. But imagine the sheer wonder of combining all those products into one and still being able to make calls to friends and family. So next time you are due for an upgrade, take a stroll through the smartphone section.

Home entertainment centers used to be big, bulky and overpriced. Now you can get one device that allows you to stream online movies, YouTube videos, music, photos and video from your computer and online radio stations without taking up any more room than a cup of coffee. I personally have fallen head over heels in love with the AppleTV. It connects with my iTunes on my laptop (home to my music and video collection), my Netflix account, YouTube and several other things I haven’t yet played with via wifi all from a tiny black box that is actually smaller than my favorite coffee mug. There are other devices that have similar bells and whistles. The Wii, xBox 360, Playstation and other gaming devices all stream via wifi connecting to Netflix and other sites. Google has its own Google TV which uses apps similar to its Droid apps and depending on your phone, allows it to work as your remote control. Other devices stream Netflix and YouTube, but it all comes down to personal preference and price. These devices eliminate the need for DVDs, CDs, even radios, and clear the clutter they provided while saving natural resources used to create said products.

Now I am sure some of you are saying how does this relate to real estate since this is after all, a real estate blog? Simple. The less clutter your house has, the most spacious it appears to buyers, the less you have to move as a seller and with your streaming devices, you now can watch Team Gale virtual tours and vlogs on your TV and/or phone. What better way to find your dream home and hear my personal tips about selling your current property than from the comfort of your favorite cozy chair?

Written by Mary Beth Tice, Team Gale Marketing Assistant

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Posted in Buyer Tips, Seller Tips on Apr 12, 2011