5 Home "Improvements" That Will Hurt Your Listing

There are a few DIY "ready to list" tips that you may have seen or heard that can actually work against you with prospective buyers.

The National Association of REALTORS magazine chronicled steps homeowners often take that can ultimately prove detrimental in the selling process. It is possible to overdo it in prepping for photos or a showing, and buyers will notice things that are "too perfect" or that are so starkly new it distracts from the homey-ness of the space.

1.     Do not exceed the recommended wattage on your lamps and lights. You want a well-lit home, but not at the risk of overheating the device or potentially eroding the source, which can cause a fire.

2.     Do not plant trees within 20 feet of driveways or walkways. Natural elements certainly enhance your curb appeal, but as young trees grow taller and mature, their roots can push up or crack pavement.

3.     Be aware that in an older house, there may be layers of thick, oil-based paint beneath the coats you've applied. This can lead to cracking and peeling if you do not take the time to power-wash or sand where needed.

4.     Too much mulch and too much fertilizer can have adverse effects on your landscaping efforts. Over mulching can suffocate the plants and prevent water from percolating into the soil; while over fertilizing can cause an increased growth of weeds or contribute to runoff and pollute local water sources.

5.     'This Old House' recommends you not use glass cleaner on mirrors. Using ammonia or vinegar-based cleaners can cause the reflective backing to wrinkle or separate from the base. If you are going to use a store-bought spray, apply it to your lint-free cloth rather than directly onto the mirror.


Posted in Home Improvement, News You Can Use, Team Gale on Aug 17, 2016